WiFi - iWL 250 WiFi

Bring real portability to payment.

The iWL series is designed to bring an innovative payment solution, remaining connected even in the most demanding environments.

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Highest Security

The iWL250 meets the highest security requirements to keep your customer’s card data safe and protect your business.

All Payment Options

Our portable terminal supports Chip & PIN, magstripe, contactless, NFC (ApplePay, GooglePay and Samsung Pay) and Card Not Present over the phone payments.

Pocket Sized

Designed for mobility use cases, the iWL series is a pocket-sized device. It’s the world’s smallest and lightest terminal.

Designed for Portability

Extended battery life, pocket-size form factor, lightweight design, perfect colour display, wide backlit keypad and robust casing make the iWL series ideal for any environment that requires portability.