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How Card Payment Machines Can Help Charities

By May 8, 2023October 3rd, 2023No Comments

The way we pay for our goods and services is rapidly evolving. The move away from cash has been accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, but this has merely been a catalyst for a trend that was all but inevitable.

There is no doubt that the move towards a cashless society brings with it a huge range of benefits. But as with any change, there is usually a downside that exists alongside the benefits.

Charities are one sector that is already feeling the ramifications of the move. From simple collecting jars for collecting spare change at tills or on the street to special events and campaigns – the fact that we have less money on our person has seen this type of donation drop.

Thankfully, contactless options and card machines can help fill this gap. This article details how card machines can help charitable causes.

Do all card machine providers accept charities?

Sadly, if you are a charity, you may have to shop around as not all providers offer card machines for charities. Most card machine companies have a list that details types of restricted business.

Many of these will restrict fundraisers, not-for-profit organisations, and community groups.

At Payment Plus, not only do we not restrict charities, we welcome them! At the heart of our business philosophy is a commitment to charitable causes and the community in general.

We are always happy to discuss a charity’s card needs to help find the best solution to ensure that charities don’t suffer as a result of the drop in cash usage.

The benefits of card machines for charities

Most of the benefits that card machines provide to businesses can also be applied to charities. But the ultimate result for charities that provide card and contactless options is maximising the number of donations they receive.

Card machines facilitate this through offering:

Easy Contactless Donations 

A simple tap of a phone or card and the donation is done. People can be impatient, and by offering them the chance to donate that is just as simple as slipping a coin in a box, fewer opportunities are missed.

Greater Donations

This works in a couple of ways. First, people are more inclined to spend more in general when they use cards or contactless payment methods. But also, someone with a few cents in their pocket will likely just have slipped this into a charity box. The same person, when presented with a contactless option, is more inclined to increase the size of the donation.


Sadly, there are plenty of unscrupulous people for whom the sight of a charity box is seen as a soft touch. With cashless collection options, this temptation is completely removed.


No more counting out endless boxes full of coppers. With a card machine, there is no need to rush to the bank with bags full of coins. All the information you need to know about how much is being collected is instantly available. A card machine can also be linked directly to most of the popular accounting packages.

Fast Payments

Depending on your Merchant Services Provider, donations received can be safely in your bank within as little as two days.


By using card machines, the perception of your charity as seen by the donating public is one of a modern and progressive organisation that is adaptable enough to move with the times.

What type of card machine is suitable for charities?

The type of card machine or machines that are best for a charity is mostly dependent on the type of charitable operation in question.

At Payment Plus, we can help you choose the perfect package for your needs.

Tap-to-Donate Boxes

These can be tailored to suit your charity or campaign’s needs and make accepting donations an absolute breeze.

We can provide a permanent card reader solution or a card reader for one-off events, exhibitions, or campaigns. Better yet, we can even offer marketing and design support to help you maximise the results of your campaign or event.

No matter what the basis of your charity’s operations is, there is a card machine solution that can make sure your donations are maximised.

Summing up

Charities don’t need to suffer as a result of the move to a cashless society. There are plenty of options available that don’t just fill the gap that this switch has left but can increase the amount of donations a charity receives.

A card reader can also streamline the collection process, provide instant analytics, and offer increased security.

At Payment Plus, we appreciate all the great work that charities do and are here to help make sure that charities make the most of every collection opportunity. Why not contact us today and see how we can help your charity maximise its potential.